TodayI..Remembered my Honeymoon.

For our Honeymoon, we visited two islands of Hawaii, The Big Island and Maui. It was BEAUTIFUL! When we arrived we stayed at Hilton Grand Vacations Club at Waikoloa Beach Resort, thanks to my parents who let us use their time share.

We also went out to the Hilton lounge/bar to grab some food that night and met this amazing couple! They were from Honolulu and were kind enough to show us around the island. Thank you Brian and Rhoda!

The next morning we went to the beach of course!

Please excuse the man playing the ukelele in my picture. We also visited Big Island Candy Store. Their shortbread cookies are yummy! We stopped by the Waikaloa Hilton to see the dolphins, too.

We flew to Maui to visit some friends and boy, were we in for a real treat! They welcomed us with gift baskets and fresh orchid leis, and took us to all the local places…which is exactly what we wanted.

We ate AMAZINGLY tasting food along with the best butter fish with garlic butter sauce I’ve ever had!

We had some really good sushi at this place in Kailua Kona:

We also had kava, a true Polynesian experience. It really does taste like dirt.

We went to see Ulalena, a unique show at a theatre in Maui. We also got to meet the cast afterwards!

Nothing beats concluding our Hawaii visit thanking God for all our blessings at Sunday mass outside. You could smell the ocean from there.

As you can see, our honeymoon was very adventurous and we did more things than I ever imagined. I didn’t get pictures of us paddle boarding and snorkeling either, which were REALLY exciting. Nonetheless, I hope to go back there and visit again..maybe before we have kids?

Oh, Hawaii, how I will miss thee. Thank you for the memories and for reminding me of God’s miraculous creation.

All pictures were taken by me.

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