20 Things I Wish I Knew Before Getting Married

TodayI…reflected on my marriage and what I wish people told me before tying the knot. I have no regrets about marrying my husband, but I feel I could have been more prepared. This post is inspired by the ” girl talk” in the car ride coming home from our friend’s bachelorette party. Thank you Jen, Holly, Tina, and Sylvie for always being there for me!

20 Things I Wish I Knew Before Getting Married:

On Finances

1. Eating out is fun, but costs more than you think.

2. How your partner spends money will affect you even if you have separate bank accounts.

3. How to do taxes. File jointly? Separately? (Still do not know)

4. Men like to feel like the “breadwinner” no matter what. (Just let your pride go and let them.)

5. Before you buy something (big or small), talk it over with your partner to make sure you are both on the same page.

On Camaraderie

6. Having supportive friends REALLY makes a difference.

7. Hang out with couples who share your same interests.

On Intimacy

8. Sex gets better over time.

9. Sex is very messy (not like you see on TV).

10.  You don’t have sex every day…life can simply be exhausting at times.

On Communication

11.  Married life isn’t fun all the time.

12.  Marriage takes work from both sides.

13.  If work is taking up my best energy, then your marriage will suffer.

14.  If you go to sleep angry, you’ll probably still wake up angry. Sleep doesn’t solve problems.

15.  Yelling during an argument NEVER solves the problem.

On Living Together

16.  I am not as clean as I thought I was.

17.  Having basic cooking skills is VERY beneficial.

18.  Dishes are nonstop.

19.  Cleaning is nonstop.

20.  Having an extra bedroom for guests REALLY makes a difference.


3 thoughts on “20 Things I Wish I Knew Before Getting Married

  1. pretty good top 20.. im sorry i didnt tel you about all of them beforehand.. lol.. if people knew all that they might not want to get married lol. jk…

  2. great list, melinda. did you know that there is a book called things i wish i knew before i got married? i haven’t read all of it yet, but you should check it out!

    • Thanks steph! Yes, I saw that book at the bookstore one day..and I thought “I should buy that,” but I never did…haha. So, off to learning the hard way! 🙂 Miss you! How’s SF?

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