TodayI…Celebrated a 1st Birthday!

Last weekend, little Pao Pao turned 1! Life goes by so fast. My cousin Risha prepared a “Super Hero” themed party, which was so adorable that I had to post about it. Kids birthdays seem like a hassle to prepare and set up, but in the end it always works out. K ids are such a gift to celebrate. I honestly don’t know how my cousins do it with 3 kids all under 4, but praise God for life and family!

My first Photoshop creation. Hooray!

Garlands are so fun to make!

Good job on the cake Risha! I was impressed!

All the kids wore super hero capes! So fun. I wish I was a kid again.

And what’s a party without desserts galore?!?

To My Family: Thank you cousins for always inspiring me. How you show love to each other and to those around you is a great testament of God’s unfailing love. Also, I know it’s been an incredible journey for you guys and you’ve never lost faith. Risha, every time I ask you how you are doing, you always embrace suffering and say “Praise God.” When I hear you say that, I say to myself, “I need to say that more.” I admire your patience and strength. Cousin Jay, by far, the best cousin and Confirmation sponsor ever! I know we don’t talk as often as we used to, but your example and witness speaks more to me than  you can imagine! If you guys ever need anything, you know who to call!

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