TodayI…Went Thrifting!

In the past months or so, my sister and I started to get back into thrifting. I don’t really know what started it. When I was in high school, I was kind of obsessed and I think I got her into it. Then, I stopped for a LONG time. When I started reading blogs like this one and this one, I started to get re-inspired again if you will. I don’t know the last thing about finding unique, vintage items, but I do appreciate stores like this who have generous motives.

The Feed Store (Long Beach, CA)

The Feed Store, in downtown Long Beach, is an amazing find! It’s a a non-profit, vintage-inspired shop filled with new & recycled goods. All items are donated & 100% of proceeds go to helping FEED families. They have the most amazing displays and affordable deals!

Jewelry Display
Vintage suitcases on display
Baby Shoes Display
Kitchenware Display
Childrens’ Books Display
Books and Games Display
Chalkboard Art behind counter

Hanging Mason Jar Display

Even though I don’t have kids yet, I really wanted this block set: (Although husband sadly didn’t approve)

Kids Block Set

Anyway, if you guys are into thrifting and happen to be driving near downtown LB, check this place out. Oh, and if you bring in 5 canned goods, they’ll take 20% off your purchase. : )

The Feed Store

Remember to bring in your canned goods!


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