TodayI…Went Thrifting!

Okay, so there was another cool store I wanted to share. Last weekend, my husband and I went to LB for a mini day trip.

Long Beach City (view from car)

It was fun! I actually was surprised he wanted to go thrifting with me! We visited 2 really cool stores. One of them I posted about here. This next one was called “The Vintage Collective.” It is one of those buy, sell, consignment stores that are popping up everywhere, but this one was unique because it has things from the 1960’s (Vinyl galore, great furniture, timeless clothing, etc.) Here’s some of the things I found:

Really unique light fixtures
This antique recording system (reminded me of Meet the Fockers, ha)
Vintage cameras
Eddie testing one out
Cool storage drawers
Wooden Storage Drawer
Records..records..and more records
Road signs
Coolest bingo set ever!
Part of the bingo set
Vintage baby shoes
File Boxes! Eddie bought me the teal one in the middle! Woohoo!
Lots and lots of clothes!
Cool little collectibles and such

Anyhow…if you want to experience a blast from the past, go visit this store. It was pretty funny because I found myself saying, “Wait a minute…my mom used to have this,” “We used to read these books!,” “My grandma had something like that and I always though it was ugly!” I think that’s what I enjoy most about going to thrift stores…bringing me back to my childhood days.

The Vintage Collective


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