TodayI…Went to Rufio Ink Opening at Tankfarm

My cousin invited us to a clothing company opening last week. We had no idea what it was, we just thought it would be cool to hang out so we went. Turns out, it was kinda cool.

Rufio Ink is a T-shirt apparel company started by Dante Basco, actor who played “Rufio” in the movie Hook, and his sister, Arianna Basco, my cousin’s friend from high school. The event was hosted by Tankfarm Clothing company in Los Alamitos. What I admired about this event was the passion that consumed each of them. You can tell just by looking at them; you could almost feel it. They were excited. They were passionate. They were artists. It kind of reminded me of when I was involved with Kabalikat Society (We put on this Filipino Independence Day Festival in Chino Hills and it brought in about 3,000 people!) Those were the days…

The event had live artists:

Live performances:

Cool displays:

And cake pops!

It was neat to see everyone showcasing their talents! Thanks cousins for inviting us. We had fun!

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