The Art of Palm Weaving

TodayI…reflected on Palm Sunday. Well, today I realized that I have a lot to be thankful for. One thing I love about my faith is that we have so many amazing traditions. The changing of the colors from violet (Lent) to red (Palm Sunday), the blessing of the palms, making crosses out of the palm leaves, the preparation for Holy week and for Christ’s death and resurrection…I love it all. At mass today at St. Margaret Mary Alacoque in Lomita, we celebrated Palm Sunday. You can read more about Palm Sunday here. We read about the Lord’s Passion and the priest talked about how there are many excellent portrayals of this powerful event in movies, artwork, etc. However, none of those could accurately capture what it must have been like to be an actual witness of Jesus’s death like his disciples and his mother Mary were. He said, “It must have been something SO powerful that they HAD to tell people about it!” Then I thought about the times when I watched a great movie or visited a beautiful place…I could not wait to tell all my friends about it. The disciples who were witnesses of His death dedicated their lives to sharing His story…because they were probably SO moved! And…what good would it do to keep your passions to yourself? None, whatsoever! For this reason, I am so thankful for life and all it has to offer.

My crafty side started to kick in when I left Mass.  I started to think about what sort of things people can make out of palms…here’s what I found:

Palm leaf shoes

Handmade fruits

Palm baskets

Palm cross

Palm creatures

Crown of Thorns

Palm decorative cone

Rose buds

Palm flowers in vase

Palm Basket

Palm bowls (From

Palm hat by Kekoa Kaapu

People are so creative!! For How-To Steps on Making a Palm Cross, click here. Or watch this YouTube video below:


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