TodayI…Admire this Unique Find

Today’s unique find is… NAIL POLISH DESIGNS

pretty flower design

for all you bookworms out there

Dexter nails anyone?

wacky and crazy

hoot hoot

kid friendly

Aloha nails


matted finish

crackle polish

color explosion

not sure how to describe this one


This post is inspired by my friend who paints her nails anywhere and everywhere she goes. Sometimes we’ll be hanging out at a friend’s house and all of a sudden someone will ask, “What is that smell?” Everyone will turn to her guilty face and just laugh. She cracks me up. As for me, I was never the kind of girl who painted her nails. I actually am pretty laid back and only get them done for big events like weddings and such. But, my husband told me that I’m not very lady- like. Frankly, at first, I was offended! But, I started to realize that I could make more of an effort on my appearance and such…so here’s to that!


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