Top 10 Documents to Keep in a Safe Deposit Box

Q: What is the main purpose of a safe deposit box?

A: The main purpose is to keep your valuables safe and out of your house where they could be stolen, or destroyed by water, fire, etc.,

A safety deposit box is kept in a fireproof area in the bank and is certainly safe from theft.

Since I’ve been married, my husband and I have been trying to compile all of our important paperwork into a safe deposit box.  We began researching the documents necessary for keeping safe or ones worth discarding.  I had no clue about what documents I needed to store. I found out the hard way! Weeks before my wedding I was scrambling to look for documents I needed and it just added to the unnecessary stress that could have been avoided.

Here’s what I found:

Can anyone relate to this? Did I miss anything? I really hope this helps …it is very beneficial to plan ahead! This will really come in handy when you do taxes as well. : )


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