TodayI…Revisited My Old Neighborhood!

Okay, this past Sunday we took a stroll down memory lane to Kerry Ct. “Kerry Ct” is what we now refer to as the neighborhood we grew up in more than 15 years ago…Our actual house “3031 Kimberly Dr.” is abandoned and pretty rotten looking now, if you ask me.  Our neighbors’ (who coincidentally used to be our babysitters who practically raised us) house is still thriving and lived-in. Every Easter they host their annual Easter egg hunt. It is, by far, the most intense and hardcore hunt I’ve ever experienced…with cash prizes even! Since my siblings and I are too ancient to participate in this awesome event these days, we agreed to help hide the eggs in the grassy knoll right next to the house…

Pure joy.

Adults get really involved…really involved.

The eggs are filled with different prizes they can claim afterwards. Some even have $!

Prizes galore!

Good times.

I hope you all had a great Easter!

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