TodayI…Admire this Coffee Art!

Today’s Unique Find is… Coffee Art!

Are you a coffee drinker?  I’ve been getting into coffee lately and I’m still not convinced that it is an entirely bad for you despite all of the rumors I’ve heard. Myth #1 says that coffee stunts your growth…AND?!? With my 5ft 1in. frame, I can’t get much shorter that that…so I consider myself a winner in that department. Myth #2 says that tea contains more caffeine than coffee…but I discovered that 1 (8 oz.) cup of coffee has 100 milligrams while a same size cup of black tea has 80 milligrams. So…if you need that caffeine fix for the day, coffee is still the winner. (Although I love my teas as well) . Lastly, how can you not drink coffee as pretty as these:

You can definitely not do this with teas. So coffee wins again. Haha. Happy Tuesday everybody!

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