TodayI…Reflected on My Past

As a continuation of my Monday post, I had to share this reflection.

Here are some of my thoughts as I reflected this week. I started thinking about the house that I grew up in and the events that happened…and how every experience shapes us into who we inevitably become. Since I love lists, here’s one that kept me going for awhile:

Things that shaped me into the person I am today…

1. My love for food.

As children, my parents fed us all the time…and I mean, ALL THE TIME. I was a little “chubster” who ate hot Cheetos all the time.  They made sure we were NEVER hungry. Whether it was Top Ramen, Filipino food, Vienna sausages, Chinese take out, Church’s chicken, or Taco Bell Mexican pizzas…it was always the highlight of my days! This explains why I eat so darn much.

2. I’m a bit spoiled. Others might consider me..a lot a bit spoiled.

My parents always provided us with a plethora of toys and new gadgets. We went from the original Nintendo, to Super Nintendo, to Game Gear, and now to iPods, etc. This seemed to continue until..last yr when I moved out! But… instead of power ranger toys and Barbies…they gave me $ for food, a laptop, etc. This explains why I love that feeling of having something “new” more frequently than I should. Mom and Dad, I am forever in debt to you and am ever so grateful for EVERYTHING you’ve done for me!

3. My first phone call with a boy.

Even though I had to sneak most of these calls, the butterflies and excitement was definitely there! Although I never shared it with my mom (b/c that was embarrassing) nor with my sister (b/c she was still too young then), I kind of tried to figure it out on my own…BAD MISTAKE. This might explain why I was so messed up in dealing with relationships in high school when the hormones were really kicking!

4. I have an addictive Personality.

I have always become easily addicted to things (i.e. playing video games (Donkey Kong was my fave) and watching Power Rangers (Kimberly and Trini were my faves) re-runs over and over and over and…)

-In elementary school, I became addicted to my Sanrio sticker book that I thought was the coolest thing ever (Do you remember those?)…also anything Keroppi and Pochacco.

-In junior high, I became addicted to the Lakers and Kobe Bryant.

-In high school, I became addicted to dancing, exercising, and anything active.

-In college, I was really into church things. Going to church, volunteering, ministry, you name it. I even worked there!

-After college, I got into dancing again. Then, surfing. Then, rock climbing.

-When I got married last August and we first moved into our apartment, I couldn’t stop cleaning our hardwood floors. I also became addicted to watching various series like Dexter, Spartacus, Community, No Ordinary Family, etc.

-Now, I can’t stop blogging, buying things at thrift stores, and getting my butt off this darn couch. Ugh.

5. Developed the mentality that parents are the solver of all problems…and my Dad can fix anything.

Now-a-days, whenever I have a fix-it problem, I ONLY know to call my Dad first. Recipe questions..laundry Mom. What happens when I get into a car accident? I don’t know, but I’ll call Dad. Forget the police. Dad can fix anything and kiss and make it all better. Identity theft? I don’t know, but Dad will know BETTER than my bank b/c well..he’s my Dad. Obviously, this mentality is very naive and has gotten me into some heated arguments with my husband. I need to be more self-reliant.

6. How to control my anger.

One day while we were excitingly eating crabs that my Dad brought home from 99Ranch Market, I got into an argument with my brother. Who knows what it was about…he probably took a piece of crab that I spent carefully prying out of its shell or something stupid like that, and not knowing any other way to express myself, I hit him in the face with the crab mallet. I was taken upstairs immediately and spanked hard on my hand. My Dad was so upset at me that he even threatened me with a belt! It was then that I told myself…out of utter fear…that I will NEVER lose my temper again.

7. I’m not a good pet-owner and probably never will be.

I tend to see pets more as entertainment and simply cute to look at than “part” of my family. To me, they were always just another form of a “toy” our parents got us b/c we probably begged. I cannot even tell you how many dogs we went through as kids, but you probably need 2 hands to count. My parents did not know how to train dogs…they don’t have these awesome classes that they have now-a-days. So, when we got bored of the dogs or the dogs bit/nibbled us (which ultimately meant they were dangerous)…we would put them back in the pound. Animal activists would have probably reported us had they known our lack of pet-owning abilities.

8. My first real dramatic experience of an earthquake.

It was the Northridge Earthquake of 1994.

9. My first sight of a real mouse.

10. My first tree house.

My Dad built us this awesome tree house. You can read more about it here.

11. My first funeral.

Rest in peace Grandma Nena. I wish I got to know you better.

12. My first “hard” decision.

What I thought was a hard decision back then was one I had to make in junior high. It was whether to stay on the basketball team or take a break…I literally cried for hours for the first time ever. I can be an emotional wreck over highly insignificant things.

13. I can call my faith my own.

In the beginning, we always went to church for my mom’s sake. She made us get baptized and our First Communion here. I always believed that “Mom always knows best” so it couldn’t have been a bad thing. We went to Sunday mass b/c my mom knew we should. We weren’t regulars though. We went to a Christian school, which caused me to ask a LOT of questions. Why do we believe this? Why don’t we believe this? At first, it was very frustrating b/c I didn’t know then…what I know now. Little did I know that asking those questions were inevitably a good thing. After taking Confirmation classes, ultimately making my own decision in my faith (which was becoming not so foreign anymore), and later being part of this and this ministry…I can proudly call my faith my own. Thanks Mom.

14. How to be open-minded.

15. Being a hard worker.

Ever since I was in elementary school and took home my first class project, my Dad would always recite these helpful phrases…

-“It’s okay if you make a mistake…as long as you tried your best.”

-“Do it right the first time, so you don’t waste your time.”

-“Always put in your 100% effort in everything you do.”

-“Life is not fair.”

These phrases still live on in me to this day. I can honestly say it’s helped me get through the ups and downs in life. Thanks Dad.

Sorry for the ridiculously long post…I just kept going with this one. Had to get it off my mind. Thanks for reading!


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