Have Your Dream Wedding Without Going Broke!

TodayI…Reflected on weddings. It is such a huge industry in today’s culture and companies know they can charge higher prices because brides will pay for anything most of the time! Sadly, we tend to not think as practically when it comes to our “big day” so they take advantage of us! That is NOT okay! We need to fight back somehow…haha. Well, in an effort to reflect on my own wedding and how I managed to plan (what I like to think of as an amazing wedding) without going broke (after gifts, we broke even in the wedding budget)…here are some wedding secrets I came up with:

This post is for my friend who requested me to post this. She just got engaged. Congratulations again! Hope this helps!

*You can click the images to enlarge.*

Here are the links if you are interested:

For wedding dress rentals:

Wedding Dress Rentals

For a useful wedding checklist:

Wedding Calendar/Checklist

For inspirational websites/blogs:

Martha Stewart







For talented wedding photographers: (who I used)





2 thoughts on “Have Your Dream Wedding Without Going Broke!

  1. Thanks Melinda!!! I love your words of wisdom : ) Trying to be flexible on the venue…we have lots of time at this point so I am still looking around a lot. Now I am into making flowers, I started folding origami flowers the other day and I have become addicted! So far I’ve made lilys and lotus and a sad looking rose. Anyway, I will keep these points in mind as I continue on! Thanks again!

    • Thanks Makana! I hope it helps! Your creativity and craftiness will really pay off in your wedding, I’m sure.. Let me know if you need any help! Thanks for reading! I thought of you the entire time. 🙂 Oh, and those Pom-pom’s are super easy! Just need a lot of tissue paper!

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