TodayI…Admire these Family Photos.

from happenstance.blogspot.comfrom shalysewalker.blogspot.comfrom photo.vanillaminuet.comfrom unknown source

from bedifferentactnormal.comfrom bobbiandmike.comfrom triciawilson.tumblr.comfrom unknown source

from marvelouskiddo.blogspot.comfrom christiancruzphotography.comfrom nieniedialogues.blogspot.comfrom

One day I hope to have a family photo hanging up in my house. My husband and I are still going back and forth on how many kids we want. I was stuck on 5 for awhile…but I think I might change my mind after I have 1 or 2. Haha. I love big families though! I have 2 siblings, which isn’t necessarily big just above average, and there’s never been a dull moment. My sister and brother have probably been my closest friends growing up, and I don’t think life would have been the same if there was only 1 of us or 2 of us. Three is definitely a good number! There’s always someone to play with, someone to start a fight with, and, of course, someone to have deep conversations about life itself. Good times.

Having children, to me, just proves God’s amazing power and the beauty of the miracle of LIFE! When we do have children, these are some photographers that I would really want to take our picture:






We shall see how everything pans out. Do you guys have kids? If not, how many do you want?


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