TodayI…Visited the South Bay Botanical Garden

For my cousin’s birthday, I took her on a date to this place. The weather was perfect… not too hot, occasional breezes… and it was kind of romantic without the boys. 🙂

 Really neat! The tour guide of our generation.

Banyan Grove…some of the branches actually grow downward to help support the rest of the tree.

California state flower

Lotus flower

A children’s area… where they can play and water the plants.


After about a mile of walking around the 87 acre garden, we had a picnic under the trees and my husband was able to join us during his lunch break!

I made some sandwiches, brought along some chips (Hot Cheetos, of course), and packed up some Raspberry pie for dessert.

Also, some Pellegrino, Ginger ale, and Blueberry Lemonade.

The sandwiches were delish! I enjoy making sandwiches.

Happy Birthday again cousin! After the garden, we had a little birthday dinner planned for her at my apt. But…more on that to come! 😉

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