TodayI..Watched the Royal Wedding!

Were you as excited for the Royal Wedding as I was? Haha.. I don’t know it’s just something about living during a special time in history and them, being ROYALTY, and all…it’s a little girl’s dream come true!

The kiss!

Photo by Peter Macdiarmid/Getty

Picture by Matt Dunham


The Royal wedding cake (How they made the cake)

The Royal Wedding Invitations

The Royal Wedding Guest List

Walking Down the Aisle

The Royal Wedding Ceremony Music

Pictures of their procession route

Their official website

The Royal Wedding Live Blog

Mini-photo gallery of the Royal Wedding

Kate Middleton in her Alexander Mcqueen dress (from different angles):




5 thoughts on “TodayI..Watched the Royal Wedding!

  1. I am Australian and I told myself I wouldn’t watch the whole wedding..but I did. To be honest, I am glad I did. It was literally like a fairytale wedding. It was simple, yet elegant. I loved it from start to finish, and couldn’t help but feel like Will and Kate are the perfect royal couple that everyone can’t help but to love.

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