TodayI…Looked back at April’s Highlights

Hooray! It’s been 1 month since I started my blog..haha. I thought it might be nice to do an “April Highlights” post to remember all the fun events that happened in April. Seriously, life goes by sooo fast! I feel like it was just yesterday when Christmas and New Year’s happened. I really want to take advantage of documenting these precious moments so that I will never lose appreciation for life itself.

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 Some things I’m learning about this blog world are…

1) It can really take over your life if you’re not careful. I told myself in the VERY beginning that I don’t want this to consume my everyday thoughts and perspective. I started blogging merely as a side project to entertain myself while my husband was at school because I find it fun. I think I’ve been doing pretty well with this, but I’ve had some testy moments where I had to stop…and just take a step back.

2) Writing is very therapeutic! I didn’t realize how beneficial it is to just sit down, think, and reflect on paper. I knew how effective journaling is because I used to do that a lot, but I never stuck to it. I’m kinda lazy like that, I have 3 different journals in my time that I stopped at one point or another. We’ll see if I keep up with this blogging thing…

3) I really don’t know how to increase readers, but I am proud that I have about 25 regular people who keep coming back. THANK YOU FOR READING!!! Honestly, you guys really keeps me going, and please, if you have any suggestions, I’m open to hearing them. My goal for May will be to gain another 25 we’ll see how that goes!


2 thoughts on “TodayI…Looked back at April’s Highlights

  1. wow, you have 25 readers???!! i think i only have FOUR… you, my husband, martin, and meagan…. haha! well, at least i THINK martin and meagan read my blog! btw, you forgot in your “april highlights” HANGING OUT WITH JENELEE!

  2. Picnic for my bday and flowers for my bday!!! THANK YOU!!! You really made me feel so special!!! WOOHOO!

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