TodayI…Find Unique Safe Deposit Boxes!

Today’s Unique Find is… Safe Deposit Boxes!

As a follow-up for a recent post from a couple weeks ago, I found some awesome safe-deposit boxes that are very affordable! I even bought one of my own. Here’s this week’s unique find: (Just click on the images to purchase)

Vintage Black Box (Etsy) – $38.75

Gray Metal Locker Box (Etsy) - $7.00

Old Galvanized Metal Storage (Etsy) - $45.00

Green Metal Embellished File Box (Etsy) - $18.00

Industrial Metal File Boxes (Etsy) - $11.00

Old Metal Galvanized File Boxes

Tin Box (Kaboodle) - $22.00

Antique/Brass Box (Haus Interior) - $189.00

Steel File Box (First Alert) - $35.00

Industrial Green Filing Box (Etsy) - $11.00

Vintage Metal Boxes, Collection of 3 (Etsy) - $33.00

Small Industrial File Box (Etsy) - $8.00

Industrial Metal Box (Etsy) - $25.00

Assorted Metal File Boxes- I am now the proud owner of the teal one in the middle ($20.00)


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