TodayI…Remembered these All Time Funniest Movies

I’m a big fan of movies…so today’s Unique Find is…Funny Movies.

I have 2 Unique Finds today!! Woohoo! Cue the choir!

Guilty Pleasure Movies:


Romantic Comedies:

All time favorites:

(I’ve actually quoted some of these movies before.)

I know there’s so many more good ones out there, but I thought it fair to only post the ones I’ve actually seen and enjoyed personally! What kind of movies do you enjoy? Any favorites?


3 thoughts on “TodayI…Remembered these All Time Funniest Movies

  1. You can usually find me in the drama section of a Blockbuster store. But if i had to choose an all time favorite in comedy, it would have to be Big Daddy. Adam Sandler is just too hilarious in that movie.

    You should also try and do a top chick-flick movie list. I can definitely be of some help in that category – with such titles as “10 things i hate about you”. Just don’t tell Eddie that i said this. I’ll deny it if you do!

    • HAHA! Ryan, you’re awesome. I LOVE 10 Things I Hate About You! Very good movie..sometimes underrated. Too bad, Eddie’s favorite chick flick is PRETTY WOMAN. So I think he should be the embarrassed one. hehe. Thanks for reading! You like how I bookmarked my blog on your iPad! Muahahaha!

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