TodayI…Visited San Diego!

This past weekend, my husband and some friends drove down to San Diego for a weekend adventure! I love adventures, don’t you? What was great about this trip was that it was entirely spontaneous. Although we attempted to make as many plans as possible prior to, when we arrived there we didn’t stick to any of them. Loved it! Our first stop was at Ocean Beach. We laid out, got some sun, and enjoyed the perfect weather..not too hot, and occasional breezes. 😉

After the beach, we were starving! We heard of this famous burger joint called Hodad’s, but…we were too lazy to wait in line.

So, we ended up at this sushi place. It I was amazed at how much Wasabi my friend, Jun, used to eat his sushi. Gross! I mean, I don’t mind Wasabi, but I mix a dash of Wasabi into my soy sauce enough where I can barely taste it, yet not enough to smell it. Anyway, you could smell his Wasabi mix VERY distinctly. Anyway, sorry for the random tangent. Of course, since the street we were on was Antique Row, we had to browse! I couldn’t believe it!

They had a lot of beads and jewelry stores. That street actually kind of reminded me of Venice Beach a little…except a little cleaner. No offense!

And white shells, hanging shells, colorful shells…shells galore basically! Kind of fun if you have a beach-themed house or if you’re looking for Hawaiian decor. 🙂 Our next destination was to check in at: The Bristol Hotel.

Can I just say how AMAZING and pleasant our stay was? If you ever visit downtown, I recommend this place! It is very affordable. It’s also walking distance from the Gaslamp District. So we decided to take a nice long nap and rest up for our night on the town. We were very tired from the night prior, but I won’t get into that disaster.

We did find time, however, for scary story time. What would a sleep over be without scary stories? hehe. After we all napped, we walked the town and tried to find a place to eat…because again, we didn’t plan anything. Downtown San Diego is REALLY clean. It does have pockets of homelessness like any other downtown, but they are kind of hidden. When walking from our hotel we passed some pretty awesome buildings!

And, we stopped and heard some jokes from this sweet joke teller. He even politely asked, “Do you want to hear a ‘clean’ one or a ‘dirty’ one?” We said “clean!” Are you ready for the jokes? Okay here they are: Q. Why did the turtle cross the road? A. To get to the shell station. Here’s another one: Q. What do you call a mother cow who just gave birth to a baby? A. Decalfinated. Ha!

We decided to try out this Wine Bar that we read about on Yelp. It is called Vin de Syrah and is located underneath The Melting Pot Restaurant. It is not the easiest place to find which, in my opinion, added to the experience.  The decor of the place is pretty awesome! Check out the pictures on their website if you have a chance…it’s very Alice in Wonderland inspired. I think I want to take my sister here for her bachelorette party whenever THAT will be. 🙂

They also have a secret door! Can you see it?

We actually didn’t end up staying very long because everyone was pretty hungry and all they served were cheese platters and some appetizers. We stopped by the House of Blues because my friends, Missy and Katrina, both work for the company and get discounts. Great deal, right?!? Eh, except for the fact that they were closed for private parties. What a bust! So..what fancy dinner did we end up enjoying in downtown San Diego??

That’s right ladies and gentlemen…PIZZA! And, it was Oh So Good! This really hit the spot for most of us and it probably was one of the top 3 pizza’s I’ve ever eaten in my life. I don’t even know what this place was called, but…MAN…it was good! Here’s what it looked liked on the inside. Sorry I’m not very helpful. It was on 5th Street somewhere. hehe.

Anyway, the rest of the night was kind of a… well, a blur, let’s just say. We spent most of the night dancing at the Analog Bar. That place has great music and live band karaoke!

It was a fun weekend! My friend in the middle flew in from San Francisco just to hang out with us. He is pretty awesome and quite a stud on the dance floor! At one point, he was battling with this girl and totally formed a big crowd around him. Good times! Well, hope your week went well. Do you have any fun plans for the weekend?


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