TodayI… Spent Quality Time With the Family!

Hello everyone!

I feel like it’s been so long since I’ve blogged, but it’s only been 2 days! Oh boy…that might be the slight beginning signs of addiction. I hope everyone’s weekend went well! Ours was super busy with birthday parties, confirmation ceremonies, and mother’s day festivities. All to-be posted when I have time this week around lesson planning and science fair stuff! Ugh..this week’s going to be another busy one!

One of the highlights of my weekend was our Mother’s Day celebration. All my mom wanted for Mother’s Day was a sit-down, home-cooked dinner with the family.

I loved it! There’s something about sitting down around a table and sharing a meal together. We used to eat together all the time as kids, but it’s very rare these days. So, here’s what was on the menu…


~Roasted Asparagus

~Ribeye Steaks (of course, my family is obsessed)

~Sauteed Green Beans & Tomatoes (Filipino style)

~Assortment of Cheesecakes (From Costco)

~Fresh cut pineapple & strawberries (Thanks Meagan!)

~Asti Champagne (Mama’s Favorite)

Well, we did it fancy because that’s what my Mom wanted! And check out the new display my dad bought her! Isn’t it gorgeous!

To be honest, Mother’s Day was a little emotional for me. I didn’t realize it would be until my husband and I went to church and listened to the homily at Mass. Father Mike prayed a special prayer for all the moms and all those “who haven’t been blessed with the gift of a child yet.” That’s when the tears started rolling. . .

Everything is all good though! While we were driving back to our apt last night, my husband and I couldn’t help but feel so blessed with everything that has happened in our lives. Honestly, looking back at our relationship, we KNOW that all of our struggles and experiences led us here to where we are today. Alleluia!

Me and my mother.

Love ya Mama!


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