TodayI…Visited the OC Great Park!

Last week, my husband and I had the pleasure of riding our first hot air balloon! Well, actually, it wasn’t a REAL hot air balloon, but it was still pretty cool! For our friend’s birthday, we visited Irvine’s OC Great Park!

I believe this is the city’s big project and they are in the works of building this place up. It was pretty empty while we were there. The GREATEST thing about this place is that it is made with recycled runway concrete, a bio-swale, low water turf, solar lighting, citrus plantings, and native shade trees that can be found throughout the landscape’s design.

Their most popular attraction is FREE balloon rides…

 …and FREE carousel rides! For their visitor info, click here.

They also have a play area for kids!

Even Eddie had fun playing…

 With this cutie! I kind of think it’s funny how awkward he is holding her! Haha..we need to practice!

And the park also has little furry friends to chase after!

Overall, pretty cool place to visit because everything was free! It’s a little far from where we live, but if you happen to be in the Irvine area, definitely worth checking out! P.S. There is currently no physical address for this park, so don’t rely on your GPS to get you there. It will get you lost! See website for directions.


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