Top 10 Date Night Ideas!

TodayI…wanted to make a list of my “Top 10 Date Nights” in hopes of sharing my ideas and inspiring others.

I am a firm believer in Date Nights. When you get married, they become even MORE important and vital to keeping your marriage fun and alive. I really do believe that every couple needs to take time for themselves. It’s often easy to get caught up in our work schedules, hobbies, etc. that we forget the very essence of what it means to enjoy “each other.” While I was talking to my Auntie Cynthia last week (Married over 25 yrs), she emphasized the importance of taking time to do things “with just the two of you.”

Idea #1: Watch a Movie at a local theatre or at a Drive-In

I know going to a movie might seem “typical,” but if you enjoy movies as much as I do…going to an actual theatre is a real treat!

Idea #2: Eat a Fancy Dinner or Cook a Homemade Meal Together

I don’t know about you, but I enjoy exploring new recipes and cooking with my husband. And, there’s something so special about the taste of a home cooked meal! Of course, eating a fancy dinner is always fun… if you have money to spend! 😉

Idea #3: Walk Around Somewhere Fun

You can’t go wrong with a fun place to walk around, explore, and visit. Here are some places in Southern CA, I’d recommend visiting: (you can click links for more info & directions)

Santa Monica’s Third Street Promenade

Downtown LA

Downtown Disney

OC Great Park (Free Balloon ride!)

Victoria Gardens

The Streets of Pasadena

South Coast Plaza (huge & fancy mall)

Westwood Village

Rodeo Drive (Beverly Hills)

Riviera Village (Redondo)

Melrose District

Main Street (HB)

The Village (Claremont)

Belmont Shore

Irvine Spectrum

Idea #4: Pair up With Your Favorite Couple and Go on a Double Date

Or go on a couples retreat! Ha!

I know this one isn’t just the “two of you,” but there’s something really intimate and special in celebrating love and companionship with another couple.

Idea #5: Go Biking!

Biking is so much fun and it’s earth friendly! You’d be surprised at how fun it can be! P.S. I love this photo!

Idea #6: Go To a Local Coffee Shop & Just Talk.

I’ve had the best conversations over coffee! This is really simple, nothing fancy. Just relax, sip, and lose yourself in CONVERSATION.

Idea #7: Have a Picnic

Remember my inspirational picnics post? Well, picnics are fun, easy, and a great way to impress!

Idea #8: Do Something You Both Never Done Before

With this one, you can be a little more creative. It doesn’t have to be a balloon ride, but definitely choose something new for the BOTH of you. The reason why I emphasize BOTH is because there’s something very unique about the unknown. Both individuals are not in their “comfort zones” meaning we are naturally in a vulnerable and highly impressionable state. Learn together!

Idea #9: Get a Massage Together

This one requires some saving…but if you and your date are in a relaxed state, chances are you’ll enjoy each other more! Seriously, getting a massage is a nice way to treat yourselves and I honestly will do ANYTHING (ok, maybe not ANYTHING) for a massage right now. This is also very romantic, FYI.

Idea #10: Go Somewhere With Live Music/Entertainment

The other night my husband and I went out and they happened to have live music and it completely added to the experience! Sometimes restaurants, coffee shops, malls, etc. have live music..definitely a plus!


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