TodayI…Admire Handmade Crafts & Such

Today’s Unique Find is…

Handmade Crafts & Such

This past weekend, my husband and I stopped by this Indie Arts & Craft Show in Long Beach. Have I told you how much I LOVE Long Beach? Every time we go there I think back to the days when I used to live there…when I used to bike to work…when the weather was almost ALWAYS perfect…when I used to go surfing every morning…Oh..those were the days!  Anyway, here are some of the unique handmade crafts I REALLY REALLY wanted to buy:

Adorable Flower Clips

Filigree Chrysanthemum Rings

“He who holds the key” Necklace

by Danni from OhHelloFriend

Mini notebooks

Library Card Notebooks

Fabric Magnets

by Kelso Doesn’t Dance

College Bifold Wallets

Mini Card Wallets


“True Love Wins” Frame

Blue Bike Stamped Greeting Cards

“I Miss You” Greeting Card

By emkats

Book Lamps

by Alanna

There were so many great booths at the craft fair! Of course, we paid a visit to our cousin Jaz and Auntie Lou over at Koco&Viking! Hi gals!

Oh..and I got to meet Danni from OhHelloFriend! I was a little star struck! haha.

Other cool displays I saw:

Good times! Happy Tuesday everybody!


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