TodayI…Hosted a Minute to Win It Game Night!

When we first moved into our apartment, of course, we were so excited to have people over! The down side to it, is that we live so far away now from home. Don’t get me wrong, I love living on our own! I think it’s an important part in every marriage, but I just wish we were a little closer. It’s not so bad though. I’m thankful to be able to afford to live on our own and even have an extra bedroom for all of my stuff. We have a great landlord and it’s pretty quiet most days. Another major plus is that we are only about 3.5 miles from the beach!

Anyway, one night we hosted a Minute to Win it Game Night.

One of our cousins from Oakland was stopping by to visit, so we called everyone to come over and play! It is based off the game show on NBC that basically includes challenges each contestant has to complete in 1 minute. The best thing about it is the games are made from household items, so anyone can host a Minute to Win It Game Night!


With a spoon in your mouth, pick up ping pong balls and transfer it to another bowl across the table.

The person with the most balls in the new bowl in one minute WINS!

Sister vs. Husband

Cousin vs. Cousin-to-be?

Devyn almost laughing during this challenge


With a paper clip attached to the end of a string, you have to pick up a line of keys (hanging off the edge of a table without using your hands in 1 minute. This requires a lot of control!

My sister is quite the expert in this challenge.


With two pencils attached by yarn on both ends, you have to balance 3 jelly beans from the ground up to your face in 1 minute or less.

The 3 jelly beans cannot fall! Go Broncos! Haha.

My brother trying to keep his balance. He completed the challenge!


In 1 minute, blow a stack of playing cards off the tip of a wine bottle, leaving ONLY 1 card.

The tricky thing is blowing just the right amount of air without making the entire deck fall off.

Anyway, one thing about my family is that we absolutely LOVE playing games. This is only one of the many fun nights we’ve had. You can see another Minute to Win It Game Nights we hosted (at my parents’ house) at my friend, Jeremy’s, blog. I absolutely love his photos!


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