How to Eat Vietnamese 7 Course Beef

One thing I love about my culture is THE FOOD! It’s so delish and healthy! I wish I was familiar with the Vietnamese titles of the foods I enjoy eating, but I’m only half so if you know them..please feel free to let me know.

For memorial day weekend, my family and I went to eat what we call “7 Course Beef.” It is called “Saigon Village Restaurant” and is located in the city of Pomona, CA. Find map here. My family used to eat Pho here all the time, but now since they are under new management, they are serving 7 course Beef! It’s $13.99/serving not per/person. For my family, we only ordered 2 servings which was MORE than enough!

Eating with the family. Thanks Eddie for taking the picture!

It’s a series of different types of beef that you can eat by wrapping it in rice paper along with some veggies, bean sprouts, and greens. It’s amazing! A lot of people always ask how to eat these foods…well here’s a mini-tutorial for you! Enjoy!

Utensils you need: large plate & chopsticks. That's it!

All you need to start is... a bowl of hot water

Lots and lots of rice paper (dip in water until soft enough to roll)


Then..Wrap & Roll

Course 1: Fresh beef and carrot salad

Course 2: Thinly sliced Beef (boiled with onions)

Course 3 & 4: An assortment of wrapped beef

Course 5 & 6: Beef meatball & Beef w/ noodle

Course 7: Beef soup

I know this was a lot of food! But, hey, what’s enjoying life without yummy food to savor! Does your family have a favorite restaurant you like to eat at? If so, please comment and tell me! My family needs a new one!

Happy Thursday my friends!


2 thoughts on “How to Eat Vietnamese 7 Course Beef

  1. I love how you took a picture of the family! Except where’s your husband? Is he not apart of the family? Who’s the guy in the blue shirt closest to the camera? Oh, a boyfriend? Hmm, make sense though.

  2. HAHA maybe you shouldn’t have agreed to take the picture then! but what do i know, i’m just a boyfriend.

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