10 Decorating Tips for Your Living Room

In honor of Real Simple’s “40 Tips to Decorating a Living Room” Article, I decided to feature my friend’s room as an amazing inspirational room. Please stop by to visit her here. She’s also the friend whose Save-the-Date video I posted here awhile back. Thanks Tracy for letting me post this and for having us over on Memorial Day! We seriously cannot wait until your wedding!

Every living room is an important space. The living room is the main room that nearly every homeowner takes a priority in decorating and choosing the furniture. For most people, it happens to be the main focal point where family and friends enjoy each other’s company. When you think about it, you probably spend most of your time lounging on your couch or watching TV in this room. My friend’s room encompassed all of this:

1. Hang a Collection

Any type of collection bring uniformity to a room and serves as eye-catching ornaments.

 2. Bring in flowers or vases.

Flowers or flower vases really brighten up a room. Choose one with a unique pattern and the piece will speak for itself.


3. Mix Materials & Textures

I especially like how she used a clock as a statement piece for her room.

4. Create New Roles

I love how she has hacky sacks on her shelf. They are both fun + works of art. What a great combination! They also add a burst of color!

5. Embrace a Wild Print

I didn’t take a picture of the other curtain, but she did have two different black/white prints. I thought that was a neat idea! It also adds contrast to the white curtain.

6. Group Similar Objects Together

Grouping objects by theme using different typographical elements creates a point of interest on a mantel or shelf.

7. Let Pieces Work Together

I like how the Paris lamp complements the black and white photos hanging on the wall. Also, I spotted a globe on her book shelf..not sure if she did that on purpose, but it totally works!

8. Introduce Color on Walls

Gray is the new white! According to RealSimple Magazine, it is a more elegant neutral that gives depth to subtle colors and makes bold pop. The trick with gray walls is the temperature of the shade. Using flat paint is better than shiny/glossy paint, unless you want a more industrial look. Also, make sure there are plenty of light sources to give the room a bright and open space.

9. Perk up a Bare Wall

I think unique art pieces like this happy buddha and a colorful work of art really adds color and contrast to the wall.

10. Create a modern decor with bright colors and fuss-free pieces.

This turn table set really contributes to the modern decor of the room as well as the bright green/vintage curtain holder.


4 thoughts on “10 Decorating Tips for Your Living Room

  1. This is a nice blog but it makes me wonder why my RealSimple magazine hasn’t arrived yet…hmmm.

  2. Ok so it’s 11pm and I should probably be sleeping, but I said to myself, “Tracy, you haven’t checked Melinda’s blog today! What if she posted something really cool?” Lo and behold, you posted THIS! I am totally honored. Thank you for making me seem way cooler than I actually am. P.S. I still haven’t visited your place!

    • Haha. You’re hilarious. THANK YOU! I had fun with this one..your style and decor inspire me to fix up my place. Summer is coming up so you should totally come over! 🙂 Thank you for reading!

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