There were so many fun events this weekend, I haven’t even had a chance to compile all of my pictures yet. I know that today is supposed to be a post about “fun events,” but I’m in the process of brainstorming on how I can improve this blog. I was thinking about it this weekend and it’s not turning out how I envisioned it to be..perhaps I will have a blog makeover this summer. Eeek! I cannot wait until summer break! Well, if you, my lovely readers, have any helpful input…please feel free to leave me a comment! I welcome any suggestions you have since it really is all of YOU who keep me going. 🙂

Just a quick glimpse of how my weekend began…On Friday as I was driving home on PCH, I decided it would be nice to roll all my windows down, free my hair from being in a ponytail all day long, and let my hair blow freely in the nice California breeze. It was amazing! I felt like one of those girls in a commercial advertising California or something. Anyhow, some of the other highlights were…

– celebrating my sister’s graduation (Congrats again, sis!)

– celebrating a 1st birthday party with a sweet little girl from AZ

– walking down 1st street in downtown Claremont

– hanging out with friends

– dancing in a show for a kids birthday party

– having brunch at Marmalade Cafe and enjoying a lovely Egg White Frittata

– grocery shopping at Albertsons (I’m inspired to eat healthy again! Wish me luck!)

– Watching the Mavericks kick Miami Heat’s butt!

– Making this amazing Chicken Salad recipe (Thank you to my friend Ashley for her great tips)

– getting ready for last 2 weeks of the school year (Woohoo for teaching 5th graders!)

– Grades.. boo!

I hope your weekend was as eventful as mine. Sometimes I think that we have too many things going on, but then thinking back at all the memories that were made, it’s hard to say no! Haha. I’m looking forward to a much more relaxed weekend next week. Have a great week ya’ll!

P.S. Aren’t my nephew and niece the cutest?!?


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