TodayI…Planned for Father’s Day!

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Father’s Day Gift Ideas

TodayI am attempting to plan ahead on what to get my dads for Father’s Day. In the US, we will be celebrating Father’s Day on Sunday, June 19. Actually, I have to think of two gifts now. Hmm..Here’s some things I found:

My Dad is really into Poker so I’m thinking of these: (maybe you guys can help me decide!)

~Click on images to purchase~

Poker Sunglasses (with Hologram) $10.99


Poker Hat $9.88

Maybe these will inspire him to dress up more:(YA RIGHT!)

Cufflinks $16.59

Casino Tie $84.00

Stainless Steel Money Clip $34.00

 This book $18.45: (recommended by this Poker pro)

Besides getting him Poker things, I really want to make these for him:

This hand print frame: 

 This Martha Stewart Craft Idea:

For my Father-in-law…here’s what I’m thinking:

 Handmade T-Shirt & Apron!

 Williams-Sonoma Ultimate Grill Cleaning Set $29.95 

All this cookware & such: See Delishhh blog for prices.

A little background:

To be honest, the one thing I love about my dad is the fact that if you asked him what he wanted for Father’s Day, he would probably say “none of these things” because they are just things. He’d probably be more happy with all of us siblings at home eating a home-cooked meal, or eating at one of our favorite restaurants, or just hosting a good ol’ poker game. That’s how simple of a guy he is. I’m not going to lie, I’ve been a Daddy’s girl since I was born…my Dad didn’t even want me to move out of his house when I got married! That’s how crazy he is. But, even to this day, he still takes care of me in his own way.

Sometimes he’ll send me my mail, or text me important reminders, or just call and ask me “How I’m doing” or “How’s Eddie treating you?” He makes me laugh. The biggest thing I admire though is how generous and giving of a person he is. He always is the first person I call when I’m in trouble. He’s the first to give you his time when you need help with something. And, he doesn’t give you half of his effort…he doesn’t believe in that. He always gives his 100% because that’s all he knows how to give. There’s no gift that could thank him appropriately for all he has done for me..which is why I hate when these sort of holidays come around and I’m completely stuck. Anyway, thanks for listening to me ramble.

P.S. He’s also a Vietnamese gangster! He knows how to fight for what he wants…not physically, Pssh..he couldn’t harm a fly. But he’s good at blackmailing people! haha. Only kidding. 🙂

I love you Dad! I wonder if he will read this…

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