Look who got a new toy!

Last week, I got all these text messages on my phone from my husband while at work. “There must be something wrong,” I thought to myself. No…nothing wrong…just pure excitement on his part. Here’s what he drove up in that ever-so-memorable day:

This blue-eyed bombshell! He was so incredibly happy and I was too! He deserved it!

My husband is such a hard worker and he’s really practiced patience throughout this whole anticipation of getting a new car. He researched for months and months to choose the right fit for him. I wasn’t much help either because I don’t really know anything about cars to begin with. I just said, “Choose whichever one makes you happy…that is within reason of course.” And, he did just that. I wish you guys could have seen the smile on his face! This was a big deal for us as it will be our “family car” and our first BIG purchase as husband and wife. Haha. (Even though he paid for it himself, sorry babe!)

Anyway, it is moments like this where I am reminded to be grateful for all the many blessings the Lord has provided for us. Have a happy Thursday everyone and don’t forget to pause for a second and be thankful for everything you have. 🙂



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