TodayI…Ate at the Restaurant of the Future!

So, has anyone heard of Stacked yet? It’s a pretty interesting concept started by the creators of BJ’s Restaurants. It’s the coolest new “restaurant of the future” where customers can order through iPad’s..yes, there are iPad’s at every table!

 The iPad at your table

The restaurant on the inside (Torrance location)

Friends who came with us 🙂

Wall Art

Sylvie ordering

They serve the basics: sausages, burgers, pizza, salads, and some desserts. Their concept is that you can “Build your own” almost as if you were at the grocery store. So basically you can top your main dish with pretty much anything! Check out their menu here.

The burger

The wedge salad with my own special concoction of toppings

The pizza.

You can go halfsies if you’d like, BUT it has to have the same basic sauce. (For example, you can’t order half marinara and half basil pesto)

The fries

Once you’re done ordering, you can press “Send to kitchen” and a few minutes later someone drops the food off to you. You have to be careful because sometimes when you drag an item to your “checkout cart,” you might accidentally press it twice or something…as iPad’s are very sensitive.

The food was decent (it wasn’t gourmet or anything!) but it’s all about the overall experience I think. I would not recommend going with a lot of people as I can imagine that will take a VERY long time for everyone to specify their order to their liking.

They have a few other locations (Cerritos + San Diego), which have either opened already or are set to open very shortly. I give it a thumb up (only 1, ha), but I encourage you to try it out if you feel like doing something you’ve never done before.


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