Extraordinary Uses for Ordinary Things #2

Sorry for the late post! I’m really off my game this week with the last week of school and getting ready for summer! Did I tell you how much I am really enjoying this book! I have so many random things in my place that I kind of don’t want to throw away (even though my husband would probably say otherwise) so I thought, what better way to keep them from collecting dust than to find other ways to use them!

Today’s featured item:



What sorts of things can you use clothespins for?

1. Organize your studio, work space, kitchen, bathroom, etc.

studio space


 work space


2. Decorate with them

from thismommyloves

from design sponge

from cfabbridesigns

As you can see, you can pretty much use clothespins to decorate anything!

3. Organize your closet

 from ashbeedesign

Clip-on clothespins to hold together pairs of shoes, boots, sneakers, even gloves! No need to go hunting for the matching pair anymore!

4. Prevent vacuum cord “snapback”

To avoid the annoyance of you accidentally unplugging the vacuum cord, use a clothespin to prevent the cord from retracting. Simply clip the clothespin at the length you want.

5. Make an instant bib


Simply clip a towel or napkin around a child’s neck using clothespins. You can even make a lobster bib for adults! It is actually  mush faster than tying on a bib.

5. Make clothespins puppets



The traditional straight clothespins (as opposed to the ones with the metal springs) are ideal for puppet making. Using the knob as a head and kids can use random crafts to create their own masterpieces.

6. Hold leaf bag open


Next time you rake up the leaves, use clothespins to clip one side of the bag to a chain-link fence or other convenient site in order to prevent the leaves from falling out.


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