Here I come Summer 2011!!

TodayI…Felt like this:

Today was my last day of school!! Woohoo! It’s been a real challenge which was expected. Being a teacher at a school in South Central LA has not been an easy task, but I thank God for surviving each day. “Day by day”… that was my motto this year. Now that it’s over, I actually feel stronger mentally and feel a sense of accomplishment. It is always helpful to look back and reevaluate on how you can improve things in the future. I think it makes everyone a better person.

Anyway, have a great weekend! Some things I have planned for this weekend…

Celebrating this!

Trying to learn this rap, haha.

Partying it up here!

Continuing to read and determined to finally finish this, this, and this.

Hanging out with this couple..

And maybe making stuff for this girl’s bridal shower..

Ah! The excitement!!! Bye friends!

8 thoughts on “Here I come Summer 2011!!

  1. Yay congrats for finishing up your year! I’m happy you’re happy, Meagan and I will see you in Vegas! Ok, I should be working, bye.

    • Thank Martin for all the love & support during my first year of teaching! I did enjoy telling you all the stories and imitating how my students talk! haha. I’m a little sad we didn’t get to see you at all this weekend, but its okay, we’ll have to plan another big adventure for the 4 of us!

  2. Yay, congrats Mel! By the way, I tried cleaning a plant at work with a banana peel. I got some funny looks, but my plant was shiny!

    • Thank you Tracy for all the love! Did you receive our RSVP? It only took long because we couldn’t decide on what to write on your caption section. Ugh..well, can’t wait until your wedding!!!

      • Aw, no we didn’t. It seems as though a lot of them were lost in the mail. I’m marking both of you for “attending” though. What did your caption say?

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