TodayI…Took a Deep Breath

Hello everybody!

First of all, thanks for all the love about finishing my first year of teaching! I felt so motivated after reading everyone’s comments. I’m glad I could come back from a long weekend and finally just take a nice, well-deserved breath. πŸ™‚ Well, we came back from Vegas today so sorry for the lack of posting on time! I try to post everyday and around 7am in the morning because of this article I read awhile back. Some people gave me slack for it, but one person (thank you Jiamee) actually told me she liked that I posted everyday. So, naturally, I couldn’t wait to come back and post! Haha.

Weekend highlights:

The weekend really started off here: Gaslamp Restaurant & Bar. Really great 80’s music and fun environment. It’s really loud though so be prepared if you do go. On Friday nights, they have this awesome band called Knyght Ryder who play just about all of the best hits of the 80s. I felt like I was at a concert. It was FUN!

When Saturday rolled around we headed towards Las Vegas and stayed at the Excalibur Hotel (the castle one). Great hotel for kids! Anyway, I’m not much of a Vegas person, unlike my sister & brother who always seem to be there (haha), but I do enjoy family trips so of course I’m always down to go!

Hanging out with this goofy kid was awesome! It was his FIRST time in Vegas and my, oh my, did he have a blast! Reminded me of the times my parents used to take us to Vegas every year. We LOVED the pool and the arcades, as did he! top it all off..he finally started calling me “Auntie Melinda!” Aww, I feel like an official member of the Sosa family now. haha.

It’s always fun eating dim sum with my grandparents! Aren’t they adorbs (as my friend Annika would say)?!? Sadly, their English is very limited so our entire conversations with them are very short. I really wish I knew how to speak Vietnamese…I want to say so much more to them, but I can’t. And, I can see it in their eyes that they do too. Dang, my eyes are tearing up just thinking about it. 😦 I love them so much! One word my Grandma does understand: SHOPPING! Haha.

Last, but not least, we stopped by the Circus Circus hotel in Las Vegas. Man…I can’t remember the last time I was there. However, it is soooo much more amazing now than I could remember! They have a huge arcade (with real circus acts throughout the day) and an entire Adventure~dome with rides, rock climbing, roller coasters, and such. My husband and I got to ride the Canyon Blaster, one of the best roller coasters I’ve ever been on.


Anyhow…there were so many more little things that made this weekend memorable, but we’ll save that for another day. I hope your weekend was as eventful as mine. Anyone do anything special? Tell me. Tell me. If you want to read my husband’s perspective on this weekend…check out his blog hereΒ in the next couple of days. I always think it’s interesting to hear both the woman and man’s perspective on the same thing. I don’t know…am I the only one who thinks that?

Have a great week!

Oh yeah…quote of the week:

“Mommy, can I have my birthday in Las Vegas?”

~ Vincent Wood (my 7yr old nephew)

*Apparently, we have another wild one in our hands. πŸ˜‰


2 thoughts on “TodayI…Took a Deep Breath

  1. OMG eddie has a blog? I’m bookmarking it!!

    On a more related topic; you’re grand parents are super adorbs (yep im stealing that word). You just reminded me of the time when i was living with my grand parents before my move to San Francisco. While i was hacking away in my room, i remember my grandma would always bring me up all sorts of food and just laugh at how much i spent my time on the computer. Just like you, I did wish that i could speak their language. Instead of shopping, my grandma loves to dine. Aww i really miss her cooking :(. LOL bless her heart but at times i would even find hair in her cooking. But it’s alright.. I love her and she kicks some serious ass in the kitchen.

    I need to call them. πŸ™‚

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