TodayI..Reflected on the Value of Life

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First of all, it’s really late. I can’t sleep for some reason..perhaps it’s because I have so much on my mind right now. I mentioned earlier that we went on a mini vacation to Las Vegas. Well, I’d like to share two interesting experiences we witnessed on the drive there…

While we were driving we witnessed two car collisions, however, there was only 1 car involved in each. If that doesn’t make sense…let me try to give more detail.

Collision #1: A big rig flipped on its left side in the opposite direction of the freeway. We were driving East, the truck was driving West. We first witnessed a large amount of smoke/dust fly in the air which initially brought our attention to the other side of the freeway. Then, my husband said, “Oh S***!” And…there it was…a huge truck falling down on its side…making a loud screeching sound and dust/smoke violently filling the scene. It was a crazy sight to see, especially being so early in the morning (7am). So, I do not know what happened..if there was something on the road the driver was trying to avoid..or if the driver fell asleep and lost control somehow..or..I don’t know. I hardly doubt the truck was trying to avoid something only because there were hardly any cars on the freeway to begin with. Whatever it was, we called 911 immediately. I never have to call 911, so calling automatically made my heart pound. Ever since that memorable Saturday morning, I have not been able to stop thinking and hoping that person is okay. It’s not something we see everyday. It’s not a number we have to dial everyday (thank God). But, please, pray for the man or woman who was driving that big rig.

Collision #2: Okay, if that wasn’t scary enough..get this. Eddie and I were driving on the 15 fwy to meet up my grandparents for lunch in Vegas. It was around 11:30am, not too much traffic. We were in the middle lane, there were a few cars to our left & our right. I then noticed a green SUV that was driving about 100 ft ahead of us in the carpool lane… when all of a sudden, out of nowhere, it slammed to its left directly into the center median. Pow! We heard a big boom! We couldn’t believe what we just saw. Then..its not over. Because of the impact of hitting the median at such a high speed, the SUV bounced off the median to the right and started spinning. The driver seemed to have lost control as the tires were off the ground spinning uncontrollably at that point. Regaining control of the vehicle was seemingly impossible. We, along with the other cars nearby, begun to slow down. The SUV made about 2 360 degree spins..then started driving towards us (in the opposite direction of traffic). I said to Eddie, “Eddie..stop..stop!” scared out of my mind that the car was going to hit us or the car directly to our right. He, and the other cars, were able to stop within 50 feet of the SUV without hitting it. Phew! It was INSANE! Thankfully all the cars behind us were paying attention and no one got hurt. Once the vehicle finally came to a complete stop…I was, without a doubt, sure that it would take a miracle for the driver to survive such an extreme incident. We waited a bit. Then, we saw him moving reaching for something behind him. I don’t know…he looked disoriented..probably shocked..probably scared out of his mind. It was then that we called 911…again! Twice in 1 day…better yet…twice in less than 5 hours. I told Eddie, we just witnessed a miracle right in front of our eyes.

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So, I couldn’t believe it. My heart continued to race for about 2 hours after the second collision. To this day, my mind still thinks about those two people in those vehicles. Are they alive? Did they make it? Do they have families? Do they realize the value of their lives? God, please be with them. I can’t help but think about them. It’s kind of scary to think… what if we left 1 minute earlier to go eat with my grandparents? What if the car kept spinning and eventually hit us? What if someone from behind hit us? What if that driver of the SUV was on drugs and was coming back from the EDC festival that was going on? Why did he suddenly turn left into the median? What if he was trying to commit suicide? I don’t think it is very healthy to think these things, nor do I hope you are affected by my crazy thoughts right now. I just wanted to share with you this: LIFE IS SHORT. You never know what is going to happen. We all really have THIS 1 LIFE TO LIVE. We need to make it worth it and savor it. I love this poster that I know I’ve probably posted before.It’s one of the first posters that actually inspired me to start this blog. Therefore, I must do it to again:



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