TodayI…Made a Post-Graduation Gift Basket

Hooray for 2 posts today!! Woot Woot! First, I wanted to share a gift I made a good friend of mine who just recently graduated from college! I decided to create a personalized gift basket for the graduate containing little bits of things I picked up at different stores. My friend has been going back and forth on what to do in his next phase of life…joining the navy has been on his mind for awhile. He’s also an Eagle Scout and was planning a week long camping trip in Yosemite National Park. I’m so proud of all of his accomplishments. Here’s how the gift basket turned out:

 The contents of the basket included:

Rogue Warrior by Richard Marchinko

(A biography of a Navy Seal)

A Calvin Klein tie.

The message read “for all your future interviews”

Thank you Charlene for help on this one!

2 Amc Movie Tickets

The message read: “to take someone out on a date maybe?”

Camping goodies from REI for his upcoming camping trip.

(Thank you Annika for helping me w/ this one!)

Costco-sized bottle of Jack.

The message read: “to drown all your sorrows away”

And for the finishing touch: My sister’s expert gift wrapping skills…

Viola! An amazing, professional looking Post-Grad Gift Basket.

He was a happy camper! 😉


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