how do them apples taste?!

anyways, this is my defense for what the wife wrote about “the things she learned about me.”

number 1: yes, i love being alone. when i was in the military, not that i didnt have friends but, i became self-sufficient. i went out to eat pho by myself, went to the store by myself, dealt with problems by myself… i didnt depend on people to keep me going or to be entertained.

numero dos: so im cooking in the kitchen… by myself… im doing my thing you know, sauteing, frying, baking… all at once mind you… and all of a sudden, melinda comes out of nowhere and starts throwing away everything that doesnt look like its being used for something! ARE YOU SERIOUS?! i would have thrown it away if i had the chance to! i ask her, “wheres the paper towel i was using?” her response, “i threw it away.” really?! REALLY?! some people clean as they go, i clean when im done!

three: think about what youre touching when youre doing your thangy thang in the bathroom. then think about what you touch when youre done doing your thangy thang in the bathroom before you wash your hands. i clean the bathroom, really well i might add, but its not every week.

number cuatro: what can i say?… ladies love the sosa

5: i dont really care for being “outdoorsy.” i do, however, want to stay active. melinda, doesnt have the motivation to motivate herself or me… so i, a person who is very unmotivated already, have to find the motivation to motivate us. i have succeeded once so far… i got her back into tahitian dancing which simultaneously got me back into drumming, so thats a win win.

anyways, thats all prad


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