TodayI…Visited an old Schoolhouse


What took you so long to get here?


Last week, I took the niece to Knotts Berry Farm and visited one of its featured displays: the Old School House. I thought it was pretty neat.


Check out the amazing desks the kids used to have back in the good ol’ Western days.  And their bookshelves…

 And the certificates they used as rewards. They are displayed in the back and read “Champion.”

And you can’t forget chalkboards! (Today they’ve been replaced in most schools by dry erase boards and/or smart boards).

Sorry for the blurry picture…ugh, I need a new camera. This was spelling at its best. I don’t believe teachers teach with tildes and carets anymore.

Oh, and I kinda wanted to buy these maps.


One thought on “TodayI…Visited an old Schoolhouse

  1. I have been told by members of my husbands family that this the actual schoolhouse their mother once attended and on display carved into one of the desks is her name. Now this is a place I’d love to visit with my grand children.

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