Places: Round One (Bowling + Amusement)

 from Danny S.

This place is pretty cool so I just had to share. Combine Dave & Busters mixed with Bowling + Billiards + Karaoke + Ping Pong all with a Japanese feel and you’ll get… Round1. Apparently, Round 1 is a big brand of entertainment in Japan and this location was the first (ever) to be brought to the US. (It is located in Puente Hills, which is near the City of Industry, attached to the mall.) It has a little bit of everything for everyone…even a bar.

from Felipe O.

from Nicole I.

What I thought was the best part about this place was the variety of games/crane machines they had! You know me, I can never get enough of doll machines. 😉

from Mike M.

What also impressed me was the high-tech (token-free) arcade. I know… I know..every arcade is pretty much like that these days, but the cool thing is that the ticket amount that you win is directly saved onto your card. Basically, you pre-pay for a game card for however much you want to put in your card. (We bought the $25 game card which was good for 120 credits…it lasts about an hour, so it was pretty good. ) Then, swipe your card to play whatever game you want, win tickets, insert tickets into the ticket counting machine, swipe your card again. You don’t have to carry tickets anymore! Some games even save your winnings onto your card automatically. Haha. Okay, maybe I’m the only one who appreciates this.

Well, definitely stop by if you’re in the Puente Hills area or if you are just wanting to feel like you’re in an arcade in Japan.


2 thoughts on “Places: Round One (Bowling + Amusement)

  1. Great post! Me and my family go bowling every other Saturday,we love it,I’m not very good though lol

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