Modern Uses for Wooden Pallets (Part 1)

 Today’s Unique Find is….

Uses for Wooden Pallets (Part 1)

  For the Kitchen:


from unstitched blog


from apartment therapy

from milkmagazine. net

For the bedroom:



from lori danielle

 For DIY tutorial for toddler pallet herefrom creaturecomforts





6 thoughts on “Modern Uses for Wooden Pallets (Part 1)

    • Thanks, people are so creative right? I am hoping to use wooden pallets and incorporate them in my furniture sometime soon. 🙂 Do you have furniture made of wooden pallets?

  1. This is very inspiring : ) It reminds me of this book I’m reading about a girl who travels to the silk road and lives out of a little desert home. She makes a bed on a platform and a couch out of tires covered with fabric. So quaint and pretty, reminds me of these photos! Now where can I find some wood palettes, do you think the grocery store discards their’s or do they hoard them?

  2. Yes, I’ve seen them at grocery stores and stacks and stacks of them behind sams club and costco. I’m always tempted to go “borrow” them..haha. No, but I’m going to look for the places that just give them away. I’ll let you know. 🙂

  3. i keep thinking of these now. i was watching hgtv’s design star and the challenge was to create new uses from old things and this would have been so perfect! but nobody did it. and then, i saw some pallets outside a building when dom was trying to buy a truck and i really wanted to take them with us! but i couldn’t describe what to do with them and they are very large to store so i figured i’d better come up with a plan first.

    • Haha. I would have grabbed it if you see them lying around somewhere! You never know when you’ll feel inspired! Haha.i look for them all the time, but sometimes I feel guilty if I just take them so I haven’t snatched my own set of pallets yet. Maybe you can make an Ottoman? I like that one the best!

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