Modern Uses for Wooden Pallets (Part 2)

 Today’s Unique Find is….

Uses for Wooden Pallets (Part 2)

  For the Living Room:

from ohdeedoh

from rednbue

from blue velvet chair

from design sponge

from ana white


from ashleyannphotography

source unknown (from Julia’s pin)


from jenniferjohner

For outside:


DIY tutorial for lounge chair here

from painted studio

from onlygotaminute

from faroutflora

from cameloartcreations

from poppytalk

from life on the balcony

3 thoughts on “Modern Uses for Wooden Pallets (Part 2)

    • Hi JC. They are called safety casters (ones used for office chairs) and you can pick them up at any hardware, Home Depot, or even Office supply store for about $50 for a set of 4. You may be able to even find them online for cheaper. I’d get the ones with internal brakes. Thanks for reading!

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