5 New Things I Learned About My Husband

Week #5:

1. He’s had minor headaches for a couple months, but I never knew about them until yesterday. I think he has a higher level of tolerance for pain…Because if it were me, he would’ve heard about them the first day it ever bothered me.

2. We work the BEST together when we work as a team when making decisions. If one person decides for both, then one is bound to be aggravated or unhappy.

3. He, like me, loves discovering new “good” restaurants.

4. He bought a very good juicer after researching for weeks. He’s good at reading reviews, researching, and buying the best product for your  money. I tend to buy the cheapest items or whatever is on Amazon.

5. The biggest compliment he gave me this week was telling me that I’m a “strong” woman. 🙂


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