TodayI… Listened to my Wedding Song

As a special treat, I thought I’d share with you something very personal since today is my 1 year wedding anniversary! I can’t believe it flew by so fast! It’s been an adventure that’s for sure, but an amazing year! We learned a lot about each other..A LOT! Haha.

Well,  probably one of the highlights of my wedding was our First Dance song. One of our good friends, Martin, who is this amazing musical genius, wrote this song for us.  It was especially sentimental because he used some old letters Eddie and I had exchanged while he was in the military.  The last 3 lines of the song was also written by my good friend Richelle, who left to a convent and is now Sister Mary Augustine. Honestly, it makes me tear up every time I hear it. What was even more special was my sister was the awesome vocalist at our reception. I couldn’t have asked for a more perfect moment. Too bad I cried the entire time! 🙂

Closer To You

Listen to it here. (I had to post it on my old tumblr..sorry.)

Written by Martin De Guzman & Sister Mary Augustine

Sung by Sister Mary Augustine
Sunset fills my sky
Daylight fills yours
And I thank God
Spread my arms to fly
I touch the moon
Can you reach me

Today, everyday holding my heart
Your fragrance followed me
When we were apart
I feel closer
Closer to you

A place that silence brings
Accept my love forever
My mind, heart, body sings
And Lord, we dance

You were the only one
Holding my heart
And now you’re next to me
Even in the dark
I feel closer
Closer to you

The beat of love’s first fire
When dreams become new life
Brings me closer to you


5 thoughts on “TodayI… Listened to my Wedding Song

  1. Happy Anniversary! Whaaaaa! Tears. You are too adorable. I looooovvvvve Mels and Eddie! I want to squish you together and give you a big sqeeze! Isn’t marriage just the best thing that has ever happened to your life? Can’t you just not get enough of him? xoxo

  2. Oh Melinda this is so beautiful. It brings me back to your wedding day, and reminds me of how special your love with Eddie is. You two have such a beautiful love, and knowing you both has blessed my life. Happy Anniversary and I pray only the most beautiful blessings for your marriage.

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