I’ve been in a real somber mood lately.  I don’t know what it is…I’ve been extremely tired and have no energy to do anything. This is how I feel…

from Creaturecomfortsblog

The colors and the picture say it all.  I like it because even though it’s very calm and simple, maybe even dull, it’s somewhat hopeful with tiny bursts of bright yellow. Yesterday, I was supposed to go to dance practice and couldn’t even get up off the couch. Eddie has been so good to me. He gave me veggie juice and fruits to try to liven me up a bit. It worked a little! I finally got up off the couch and we went to watch 30 minutes or Less and made it a Date Night. We used to do Date Nights every Tuesday. I really don’t remember when we stopped doing that…probably about a year ago. So sad.

Well guys, I kind of rambled today. I haven’t much inspiration for blogging as of late. I’m hoping this 3-day weekend I can rest up and rejuvenate.

Happy Wednesday!!!


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