Quote of the Week

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Happy Monday everyone! I thought this quote was so fitting. I did a lot of reflecting over this past busy weekend. I don’t know if you’re like me and you stop and think sometimes, “Is this what my purpose is in life?” or “Am I supposed to be doing what I’m doing?” or “What is the reason for it all?”

I come across these thoughts sometimes and I wonder if I had made a different decision in the past, would it have led me here? Honestly, life is an interesting journey. I often find myself questioning my true purpose/vocation in life and wonder if God would be happy with the way I’ve been living my life. Who’s to know, really? We can try to do our best, but we may never REALLY know until we die what our true purpose is. Recently…maybe even just this weekend…I’ve accepted that I’m okay with that. All we can really do is do our best, try to make a difference in this world even if its a struggle, be the best person, wife, husband, friend, daughter, mother, teacher, cousin, brother…we can be..and just continue living on!

In the end, all we can hope for is that we’ve lived a life of fulfillment and joy…hopefully with no regrets. And, that’s the beauty of the journey. Have a great week my friends!


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