Today I wanted to reflect on some Instagram photos I took last week. You know when you have a “realization moment” and you happen to capture it on camera? Well these were some of those moments…

1) Rainbow in the sky

In religion class this week, we read about God’s covenant to Abraham in Genesis 9: 8-17. He promised Abraham that he will put a bow in the sky and that will represent his promise that he will never destroy the earth with a flood  again.  Every time I see a rainbow I am reminded of this…perhaps it’s because I thought it was so cool when my elementary school teacher told me that. But, I think the biggest thing that hits me is how Abraham was so obedient! Obedience can be tough sometimes. I don’t know about you, but I struggle with that. I just cannot believe Abraham didn’t even question such a big task..I mean God asked him to build an arc! That is no small task. But, he trusted and was obedient. Sometimes I wish I could be more like Abraham.

2) Arranging flowers

I don’t know what it was, but the simple act of buying flowers for $5.99 at Trader Joe’s and arranging it in an old scotch bottle brought me so much joy! I have never been one to appreciate flowers so much until now…ever since I’ve been on Pinterest. Haha. But, I see and experience now the joys of having fresh flowers in a vase in your house. It really brightens up the room and my mood!

3) Comfort Food

There really is a good reason why they call comfort food “Comfort Food.” It was definitely one of the highlights of my weekend. Some friends and I went out to this soul food place in San Pedro called Mama Joan’s. It was pretty darn good. I honestly don’t know how some people eat this kind of food regularly, but dang is it good…and comforting. Food makes me happy.


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