Unique Finds: Amazing Beds


Today I…am loving our bed! It’s a simple queen resting on a low bed frame from Crate and Barrel. My husband swears it’s too small and that we need to buy a king eventually. But, I think the size is perfect. It’s close enough to cuddle if you wanted to, yet spacious enough to enjoy your “own” side of the bed. Anyway, I have been having dreams lately of what it would be like if we had a different bed. I did a quick google search and found some weird, UNIQUE FINDS.

Underwater bed from stumble upon

 Hanging bed from tendirs

Forest beds from visual news

Hammock bed from incredible things

Mantra bed from top design interior

Floating bed from this next

Box bed from home owner nut

Nut bed from home owner nut

floating bed from home owner nut

I like how these beds progressively got more weird as you scroll down. Happy Tuesday ya’ll! P.S. Is this font too small? I’ve been using this font lately b/c I’m feeling the look of it, but I’m hating the font size. What do you guys think?


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