PLACES: San Francisco Eats

Top 3 San Francisco Eateries

1) Arinell’s Pizza

 Really good, tasty and greasy NY style pizza. I cannot stress enough how good this hole in the wall place is. I don’t even like pizza THAT much and we ate it twice while we were there. Each slice is about $2.25 each and you can put as much red peppers, Parmesan cheese, and oregano as you’d like. I definitely recommend adding Jalapenos to it if you like spicy.

2) Philz Coffee

Alright, had to include a coffee place because of my new obsession. So, there’s this new Philz Cofee place that just opened up. It’s not really new in establishment, but I think the hype of this place is new. Anyway, they have some AMAZINGLY unique blends of coffee that I think the owner, Phil, has developed over a span of 25 years. Some of the names of their dark roasts are “The Canopy of Heaven” and “Ambrosia.” Yeah..that’s what I said. I had the Mocha blended with some other name I couldn’t pronounce. It was delish! But, to top it off, they have the best selection of Bagel Sandwiches! I don’t know if you’re like me and have a soft spot for bagels, but one of my favorite bagels (LOX) was soooo good. Here’s a snapshot of the Lox on an everything bagel that was nice and toasty:

3) Mama’s

photo from Kevin Y.

I don’t know what it is about the San Franciscans and brunch..but boy, the restaurants know how to do it right, especially Mama’s! We enjoyed a nice brunch there on Saturday morning. The line was ridiculous, but we ended up only waiting about 45 minutes, which is APPARENTLY pretty good. Eddie had the Monte Cristo and I had the Classic Eggs Benedit. Everything on their menu was perfect and fresh and tasted so good! They also have a small assortment of baked goods which were unbelievable. Definitely a must try if you have time to wait in line. 🙂


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