Things that impacted me this week:

1) Having time to doodle on a post-it.


It’s just nice to have time to sit down and doodle. It’s a rare occurrence these days.

2) Watching these 3 girls sing their hearts out.

It gave me chills to watch these girls perform. Oh, the Reyes’ sisters! Love them! I’ve watched them grow up from being cute, energetic little girls to now more mature and lady-like than ever! Man…I’m getting old.

Things that distracted me this week:

3) The thoughts in my head after I watch Breaking Bad


Okay, I’m hooked on this show. But, every time I watch a somewhat violent or graphic kind of show (this happened before when I used to watch Nip Tuck), I get these really bad thoughts in my head…like it’s going to happen to me. I don’t know what’s wrong with me! I become paranoid over if I’m a character in the show. Oh boy!

4) Raindrops


Okay, I’m honestly starting to love the rain. However, it can be really noisy. I don’t know why this even bothers me, but I just found it a little distracting when I’m trying to sleep in. It is beautiful though!


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