Unique Finds: Leaf Inspired Jewelry

Woohoo! For sleeping in! Sorry guys, I decided I was going to sleep in today to celebrate me not having work! Such a random day to be off, but so excited! Haven’t done much of anything besides write letters to people I’ve been meaning to write to for about a year now. I’m a terrible pen pal.

Anyhow, today’s unique finds is…


Bangle Bracelet Leaf Gold

From Frosted Willow

Feather Bracelet

From Fossil

Gold Curved Leaf Earrings

From Stylesalt

Tinkerbell green leaves indie earrings

From Ruche

Leaf Stack Ring

From Scape Stack Rings

Teal Leaf Earrings

From Vestique

Truth is..my birthday isn’t for another month. I’m sort of posting this hoping my husband will read my blog sometime before November and see some birthday wishes that I have. I normally don’t WANT anything really for my birthdays..and I don’t really NEED these things..so if he doesn’t buy these things..I won’t really care either way. But, if he DID buy these, it will FOR SURE put a smile on my face. 😀 Happy Tuesday everybody!!


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